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Boscombe House

A sculptural timber structure crafted, following the unique geometry of the site.


With a love for entertaining friends and family, the clients approached us to design an extension for their end-of-terrace Victorian townhouse that would expand the kitchen and living space.

Thank you for the wonderful design work you did. You got the design spot on! Everyone loves it and we are particularly thrilled with the outcome. You have done a fantastic job and the house is a joy to live in. Owner, Boscombe House

Project description

Situated on a wedge-shaped plot that widens to the rear, careful consideration was paid to the existing site, to ensure we could maximise the available footprint while also not compromising the neighbours' outlook. With an underused strip of land between the property and an adjoining block of flats, we worked closely with our clients to ensure the extension structure would answer their brief while also complying with the planning restrictions. Our solution was realised in the form of a striking geometric structure, with a sloping roof to ensure light could still reach the neighbouring flats. The structure extends out to the front of the property on street level, to accommodate bike storage and tools.

The design of the structure is a defining feature of the project and developed into creating a spectacular internal space, free from internal rafters to not distract from the shape of the roof or visually clutter the space. The space is flooded with daylight, yet is complemented by warm and tactile wood joinery and flooring—a consideration to ensure the space felt tactile and not stark. Looking up through the vaulted roof, a secondary level is visible which comprises large office space and en-suite that can be transformed into a room for guests.

Throughout the project, the clients had a clear vision for their home, with the look and feel of the interior, exterior, and architectural expression of the property at the forefront of their considerations.

Material design

Timber flitch beams provide the structural integrity of this unusually shaped extension. Formed of timber with reinforced steel joints, the beams arch up into the full height of the building, leading the eye to the mezzanine level.


Before GIFA
230 sqm
After GIFA
300 sqm
£1,833 / sqm
Structural Engineer
Hardman Structural Engineers
Matt Chisnall

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