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St Mary's House

A grade II listed town house in South London, complete with a modern addition.


Situated on a quiet residential street near the charming Walcot Estate in Lambeth, the owners initially found the property in need of significant rejuvenation.

With a keen interest in design and interiors and having been fans of PAD’s work for years they were our first choice to help us bring this very tired, wobbly 1837, listed house back to full strength and maximise the space within its Grade II listing regulations. Owner, St Mary's House
The house has a small footprint but now has a light filled, spacious contemporary interior flowing out to an original eye catching studio. PAD brought our ideas and theirs together with their unique expertise and we are delighted with the results. It makes us smile to walk into the garden each day. Owner, St Mary's House

Project description

Inside, the fabric of the house has been faithfully repaired and restored throughout, retaining as many original features as possible. While in progress, the building revealed glimpses of its history—such as a wall painting depicting fairies, thought to date back to Victorian times.

On the upper level, a half-landing has been added to provide a desk area. This is complemented by a large roof light to ensure a bright and spacious feel to a functional area that may otherwise have felt small and dark. During the renovation, the optimal use of the building’s footprint was always at the forefront of our considerations, with details such as space-saving joinery providing clever solutions to maximise space and functionality.

At the rear of the property, a large, minimalist glass infill extension brings the welcome addition of extra floor space, meaning the kitchen and dining area could be combined into one room. Formed of brick and glass, the structure floods the interior with daylight, while also providing a functional discreet separation from the surrounding properties. The extension meant that those existing spaces formerly within the main house could be altered to accommodate a guest bedroom and bathroom.

Careful consideration has been given to the materials and joinery throughout the property—utilising their properties to bring tactile detailing and practicality. Outside, the property enjoyed a small-but-perfectly-formed garden. To help make this space feel at one with the property, we followed through the use of stone flooring in the kitchen out onto the terrace and up onto the boundary walls, providing seating and space for planting.

Material design

Bespoke joinery in the kitchen creates an illusion of space with the addition of a large mirrored splashback to reflect the space onto itself. Though the dark-panelled units could have made this modest-sized space feel enclosed, the large, reflective surface bounces the light around the room so that it feels uniquely spacious.


Before GIFA
90 sqm
After GIFA
100 sqm
£4,080 / sqm
GMS Building Services LTD
Structural Engineer
Hardman Structural Engineers
Andy Stagg

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