Paul Archer Design


Tibur House

An expressive extension in North London, inspired by a New York loft.


For their North London townhouse, the client approached us to configure an extension that would provide an open-plan kitchen and dining area to reinvigorate the heart of the home.

We wanted our Victorian home to feel bigger, more open and more modern - like a Manhattan Loft apartment and Paul Archer definitely helped us achieve this vision. Owner, Tibur House

Project description

Inside the property, we created a new opening between the rear and front reception rooms to bring a sense of openness to the ground floor configuration. The dual aspect is accompanied by a sliding partition that allows the rooms to be transformed into cosy, more private spaces.

To retain the original footprint and maintain the garden’s ample size, we opted for a side-return expression presented in board-marked concrete. It is a bold expression of the structural changes made to the house. To add softness to the extension, we added a cantilevered planter that the owners can enjoy changing throughout the seasons to add a splash of colour.

The kitchen is a light and airy room with plenty of sunlight from the glazing above the extension. The main kitchen island is situated on a step, raised above the dining area, creating a subtle separation of space—referencing the exterior composition, cantilevered out over the step. A primary material chosen for this room is oak, bringing warmth to the cool blues, whites, and greys of the kitchen units. This palette of colour and materials was also chosen for a newly created utility space located in the former cellar of the property. This alteration was a clever configuration of space to avoid potentially expensive underpinning and basement works.

Material design

A visual reference to a New York loft, the rough surface of the concrete brings tactile expression to the contrasting minimal glazing that wraps along the length of the extension. Though concrete can often appear hard visually, this has been treated to render a textural quality similar to wood to bring warmth and tactility.


Before GIFA
190 sqm
After GIFA
200 sqm
£1,696 / sqm (BM & GF only)
BuildDecor Ltd
Structural Engineer
Martin Redston Associates
Will Pryce

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